• Hi There!

    I'm Ross, and I'm currently enjoying life as a first-year MSE student at Princeton, studying Computer Science. I begin each day with unbridled curiosity and optimism, keen to take every opportunity to learn something new or brighten someone's day. I've had an affinity with technology since birth, but my only programming experiences before college were terminal commands I could prank friends with; once I took an introductory course though, I knew CS was a perfect fit. But don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed nearly every subject I've taken here, and there is still too much to discover about the world. And what good is knowledge if not shared?


    Princeton University

    Computer Science, ​Master of Science in Engineering

    2017 - 2019

    University of California, Berkeley

    Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts w/ Honors

    2013 - 2017

    Coursework: Data Structures (61B), Algorithms (170), Networking (168),

    Security (161), Machine Learning (189), Artificial Intelligence (188), Software Engineering (169), Computational Photography (194-26), Computer Architecture (61C)

    FPF - UC Berkeley

    Fall 2013

    During my first semester at UC Berkeley, I took classes on and off campus in a unique program where I formed closer relationships with my professors and classmates.


    Graduate Student Instructor - COS226 Algorithms and Data Structures

    Fall 2017 (Current)

    Autostyle: Scale-driven Hint Generation for Coding Style

    Spring 2017

    • A system that provides real-time code style feedback to students in large introductory computer science classes

    Teaching Assistant - CS 61B Data Structures

    Spring 2017

    • Teaching weekly discussion and lab sections and generated course material.
    • Taught a lecture

    Teaching Assistant - CS 168 Networking

    Fall 2016

    • Taught weekly discussion sections and generated course material, including slides, worksheets, HW and exams.
    • Produced in-class demos and YouTube videos (here).
    • Held office hours.

    Software Engineering Intern -

    Pure Storage

    Summer 2016

    Built with the Apps team; responsible for seamlessly integrating third-party software into the Pure infrastructure.

    Teaching Assistant - CS 375 Teaching Techniques for Computer Science

    Summer 2016

    • Mentored first-time TAs by providing daily feedback/advice on their teaching.

    Teaching Assistant - CS 61B Data Structures

    Summer 2015 - Present

    Fall 2015

    • Taught weekly discussion and lab sections for 30 students in the
      CS Scholars program and held office hours.
    • Produced YouTube videos to introduce students to their programming projects.
    • Led the team of 8 tutors/graders and created the rubrics for the class's projects.
    • Worked on bug-submits and met with struggling students.
    • Spread my love of Data Structures!

    Summer 2015

    • Led a 3 hour lab session 4 days/week where students completed all their assignments.
    • Aided in creating and revamping course material.

    Spring 2015 (Reader)

    • Graded course projects and midterms.
    • Head reader for the largest project, where I debugged and graded
      75 of the trickiest submissions.
    • Held office hours.

    Senior Mentor -

    Computer Science Mentors

    Spring 2015

    • Led a group of 4 junior mentors, who taught small supplementary 61B sections throughout the year.
    • Developed weekly worksheets for 61B used by more than
      200 students in the organization, which are still in use.
    • Taught a small section of students myself.

    Software Engineering Intern - District Attorney's Office (Riverside County)

    Summer 2014

    • Boosted attorney productivity by rewriting an outdated timekeeping app in modern AngularJS.

    Starly396 - Youtube Channel

    2007 - 2011

    • Ran a youtube channel where I uploaded extended versions of video game music that I manually spliced.
    • Reached 5000 subscribers and 3,000,000 total views, before my crushing suspension for copyright infringement.
    • Started a trend that continues today, as extended versions are now the internet norm!

    Song Cycler

    Intelligently loop any song!

    Inspired by my old YouTube channel, I created an interface between Python and Max using the Echo Nest Remix API to find loop points in any audio track, allowing for infinite playback. Video

    MAS Approximation

    NP-hard? No Problem!

    I developed and optimized algorithms to approximate a difficult CS problem, Maximum Acyclic Subgraph, in a class competition.

    Distance Vector

    Scalable, fault-tolerant routing.

    I implemented an efficient

    routing protocol that scales to networks with hundreds of switches and works in spite of link failures.

    Melodic Context

    Generate music from phrases using sentiment analysis.

    In Python/Max, I created a program that analyzes the sentiments of user-inputted sentences or longer texts to generate emotional melodies. Video

    Jumping Cubes

    Logic, Prompter, AI, GUI.

    I wrote the logic of the game itself, a command line interface, an AI that uses minimax and pruning to become unstoppable, and the GUI seen above!


    Schedule dog playdates!

    A web app built on Rails that lets dog owners create profiles and connect with other owners to meet at parks with their pets. Video

    Relational Database

    Load, edit and select tables.

    For my Data Structures course, I implemented a SQL-like relational database that supports reading tables from files and selecting from multiple tables.


    Where it all began...

    A simple Jeopardy! quiz game, written entirely in a batch file with echo and read. Written at age 10, it was my first foray into computer science.


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