• I'm currently enjoying life as a second-year PhD student in the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, where I study the societal and political impacts of the internet and technologies that depend on it. I am advised by Jonathan Mayer and Jennifer Rexford.


    My background is in software-defined and programmable networks, and I am currently researching network security, data privacy, net neutrality, and broadband availability.


    I am also an avid teacher, bass singer, photographer and flailing hip-hop dancer... or I was, before COVID hit. Now I write a lot.


    CV (might be out of date). For the latest, email me at rapt@cs.princeton.edu.

  • Publications

    No WAN’s Land: Mapping U.S. Broadband Coverage with Millions of Address Queries to ISPs

    David Major, Ross Teixeira, Jonathan Mayer.

    To appear at IMC '20 (Internet Measurement Conference), October 2020.

    User-Centric Networking: Putting the "I" in Internet

    Ross Teixeira, Jennifer Rexford.

    ACM SIGCOMM Education Workshop, August 2020.

    Presentation video.

    Carpe Elephants: Seize the Global Heavy Hitters

    Rob Harrison, Shir Landau Feibish, Arpit Gupta, Ross Teixeira, S. Muthukrishnan, Jennifer Rexford.

    SPIN '20 (ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Secure Programmable Network Infrastructure), August 2020.

    PacketScope: Monitoring the Packet Lifecycle Within a Switch

    Ross Teixeira, Rob Harrison, Arpit Gupta, Jennifer Rexford.

    ACM Symposium on SDN Research, March 2020.

    Presentation video.


    Center for Information Technology Policy - Princeton University

    Ph.D. Computer Science

    2019 - 2023 (Expected)

    Advisors: Jonathan Mayer, Jennifer Rexford

    Princeton University

    M.S.E. Computer Science


    Advisor: Jennifer Rexford

    GPA: 3.93

    Coursework: Advanced Computer Systems, Advanced Computer Networks, Technology Policy and Law, Fairness in Machine Learning, Automated Reasoning

    University of California, Berkeley

    B.A. Computer Science w/ Honors, Music Minor

    2013 - 2017

    Advisor: Armando Fox

    GPA: 3.884

    Coursework: Data Structures, Algorithms, Networking,

    Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Computational Photography, Computer Architecture



    I reply quickly.


    I have thoughts.


    I form connections.


    I like coding.


    I make videos.


    I write occasionally.